Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second canine visit in one month!

Glenn and I don't have a lot of friends who have dogs that they bring with them when they visit.  (We don't even have a lot of friends who have dogs that they leave at home! We just don't have a lot of friends who have dogs.)

Wendy and Mike, of course, bring Darby's mom Bryn and their other corgi, Dinah, when they come over.  But, as they live in Maine and only visit here once a year, they don't "come over" very often.  Unfortunately.

So, to have TWO canine visits in one month is a big deal for us!

Art and Stephanie and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Noel, came over for dinner yesterday.   You might remember Art,  he is the maker of my wonderful kitchen table (and a few other things I couldn't resist purchasing and that have already nearly depleted my "discretionary fund" for the whole year!) and Stephanie is the maker of wonderful stitcheries and this Corgi-themed apple pie that was as delicious as it looks: 
Note the two corgwyn with tails and the one without! That's the kind of creative, artistic person Stephanie is.

We had a lovely late-afternoon and evening with the three of them.  And, Darby was actually downstairs to enjoy it! It's hard to believe, but I have photographic proof:
Proof, too, of my attempt to encourage an up-right ear.

Initially, there was a good bit (OK, a LOT) of barking on the part of our two girls.  But, Noel totally ignored their craziness and sailed around the house and yard with a royal, imperial attitude very fitting for a "Queen's dog." Stephanie suggested that the very fact that Noel showed no interest in Darby -- made no eye contact --  allowed Darby to relax.  And relax she did!  As evidenced by this photo of Darby sacked out on Stephanie's feet!

It's not surprising that Pumpkin was the most comfortable, nosing in when Stephanie gave Noel some lovin'.

And, it isn't surprising to me that Darby was still too intimidated by Noel to squeeze past her and follow Glenn, Art and Pumpkin into the backyard. 

But, even though she just wasn't totally comfortable, in the end it seemed like Darby enjoyed herself -- at least she was downstairs and not lurking on the landing upstairs! 

Speaking of ends -- doesn't Noel have a great one? 

 P.S.  I have NO photos of Art and Stephanie.  Trust me, they aren't hard to look at.  I just have camnesia too often! 


Wyatt said...

It's fun to have doggie friends over :)
Love the Corgi pie!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Becky said...

What a nice visit you had and topped off with apple pie. My kinda friends! Cuties playing so nice!

scotsmad said...

Hooray for Darby!! Maybe it's a start.

Looks like all enjoyed themselves. That pie is fantastic.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella