Thursday, May 16, 2013

Harry and the Cone of Shame

Sometimes the "daily" of Darby's and Pumpkin's Daily is a little tough.  Sometimes, there just isn't anything to write about or I haven't picked up my camera in a few days.  Today was one of those days until it occurred to me that I haven't updated you on Harry and his Cone of Shame.

I'm very pleased to report that his eosinophilic plaques have cleared up totally and he has been navigating the house without his cone for a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, I only have this not-very-good photo to prove it!
Poor kitty!  That was a long, nearly three month trial he endured!  Wearing a Cone of Shame 24 hours a day for weeks on end would be enough to make anyone crazy, but he stayed his sweet, gentle self the whole time. 

If he could tell us the best part of no longer wearing the cone, I'll bet it would be the ability to once again jump from the counter to the top of the refrigerator to get far beyond the annoying reach of two pesky (but gentle) Corgis.


Taryn said...

So glad he's better!

Fay said...

Yeah! happy to hear the healthful news!

Lois said...

Great news ! Just wild about Harry :-)

scotsmad said...

Totally understand not coming up with a post sometimes. Don't worry about it. We are happy Harry is out of his cone.....and is fair game again..heeheehee!

Love Pumpkin monitoring his moves.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Anonymous said...

What a brave kitty!