Friday, October 29, 2010

Peaceful....but not always

Isn't this a peaceful view?  I managed to remember to bring my camera when I sat down with the girls and my knitting the other evening.  It was every bit as peaceful as it looked. 
But, things weren't that peaceful just before bedtime Thursday evening. 

I had given the girls two small marrow bones to gnaw on while Glenn and I ate dinner.   They retreated to separate sections of the patio and slurped away at the marrow, then gnawed on the bits of meat and gristle on the outsides of the bones.

The trouble started when they brought the bones into the house with them.  Pumpkin's wasn't as clean as Darby's and when Pumpkin left it unattended for a few moments, Darby made off with it.  Pumpkin took exception to her bone being stolen and the first "real" fighting they've done was the result. 

That little slip of a pup, Pumpkin,  didn't back down--and to my view of things, neither did Darby.  Slobber actually flew before I broke things up by clapping my hands loudly. 

I know they have to work things out and one has to be the boss.  But, I'm the classic middle child who doesn't like to witness conflict, wants everyone to get along, and wants to help to resolve interpersonal, or in this case interdogal, problems.  So, it is hard for me to watch them learning to get along with each other. 

I like it better when they are sleeping peacefully next to me on the sofa!

P.S.  Today is Pumpkin's 5 month birthday! 


Anonymous said...

Happy 5th month birthday, Pumpkin! Luke and Buddy have disputes like that sometimes. Having had previous corgis I used to be amazed that there was no blood drawn, but they were usually just bluffing.

George the Lad said...

Happy Monthy Birthday Pumpkin, this is the one thing that holding me back from getting a second dog, George has some more growing up to do, before we would have another, at this moment in time I am still thinking it over
Happy Halloween to you
Jan and of course George xxx

Boo's Mom said...

Our two old dogs got along so well--sleeping in the same too-small dog house, eating out of the same bowl, chewing on opposite ends of the same bone--that Corgi getting along is a little harder to adjust to!