Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Thanks for all the nice comments and birthday wishes for Pumpkin!

We had such a fun birthday weekend -- especially with my niece and her family here to celebrate with us.

The weather was chilly -- summer on Friday, fall on Saturday and winter (barely 60 degrees!) on Sunday!  Our relatives from Phoenix were really feeling the chill!  The chill and the sprinkles kept us inside most of the weekend and limited the decorations and activities we had planned (no party lights, no agility trials) but we still had a very good time.  Of course, summer arrived again yesterday with temps in the high 70's!

No matter the weather, it was fun celebrating that the Lil' Shitski was born a year ago and that Leda let her come live with us!



I know it's my birthday and I know you like to please The One Who Feeds Us,

but Girlfriend!  That hat looks plain ridiculous!  I took mine off; you should too!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Birthdays!

Well, it was a hard secret to keep, but we managed to keep the secret from my little niece that we were celebrating Pumpkin's 1st Birthday and my little niece's 6th Birthday today!  My niece's birthday isn't until July, but she and her family will be in England where her dad will be teaching a class, so we won't be able to celebrate with her as we have nearly every one of her birthdays!

So we celebrated Pumpkin and Eowyn today!  Like this:

The game is called "Pin the tail on the DONKEY" not "Pin the tail on the Cactus!)
Pumpkin needed a potty break in the middle of the game.
Even Glenn played!
Pumpkin's gifts!
Darby is such a good sport!  Pumpkin ripped her hat off immediately!

What a fun day we had!

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!  And Happy Birthday to Bailey, Pumpkin's brother who lives with Leda, Pumpkin's first human "mom."

Balloons for Pumpkin's Birthday!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin-Girl!

Today is Coedwig's American Pie, Pumpkin's First Birthday! We love this little girl and are so glad she came to live with us!

Yesterday,  my niece and nephew and their two children drove over from Phoenix to spend the weekend with us -- and to help celebrate Pumpkin's first birthday! My sister and her housemate joined in the fun, too.  We have a birthday party planned for today, but the kids did a little getting ready yesterday -- with window crayons:   
Window crayons are a lot of fun!  And one way to be sure the windows get washed!

There was some Uno and Hang-Man playing done, Italian take-out eaten, and Yogurt Mill frozen yogurt consumed.

A good bit of cuddling was done, too!

P.S. Rats! I composed this just before going to bed on Saturday night, and pressed "publish" rather than save! Oh, well!