Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I said, quit it!

Come on.  Stop.  I hate how you grab my cheek.
Pumpkin!  I mean it.  Really.  
Really.  I really mean it.  I hate when you do that. 
You're testing my patience, girl.  No wonder our female human named you Lil' Shitski!
There!  See how it feels to have your cheek s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d five feet?*
Not so good, huh?
* No dogs were harmed during this photography.


Sammy said...

Sammy's PA here--

Gosh how you made me laugh :-).

Anonymous said...


Hannah said...

This is hilarious, I love the lil shitski's face, it's like "OH CRAP!"

Jules said...

Ha!! Somehow I suspect that won't stop Pumpkin from stretching on Darby's cheek another day! :)

Taryn said...

Great photo catch of Darby's teeth! She really gave Pumpkin the what for!

Boo's Mom said...

Thanks for all the comments! Pumpkin was absolutely NOT hurt. While Darby gave her the what for, as Taryn said, as Jules said it did not stop Pumpkin from grabbing at Darby's cheeks--and it didn't even take a few minutes for her to try it again let alone another day!

Lois said...

Oh, well done ! These pics just cracked me up :-)....I have 2 corgi boys, several years apart, and this is another episode of dog tv, at YOUR house. You have 2 beautiful girls....those ears, and those soulful eyes, boy can they work it :-) . Thanks for sharing !

Boo's Mom said...

Thanks, Lois. They are beautiful, aren't they? But the little one, man-oh-man is she a little Shitski! Send photos of your boys or a link if you have a blog!