Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leda is just as strange as I am

We received a package yesterday.

Darby was interested in it even before I slit it open.  But, then once it was opened she became VERY curious.

Can you guess what was in the package?

It was Pumpkin smell!

Not, that sometimes-yummy and sometimes-nasty scent that pops up in candles and potpourri (and cooking for that matter!) this time of year.

But, "Coedwig's American Pie -- Pumpkin" smell!

For several days, Leda put a towel on her lap when she held and played with Pumpkin, until it was thoroughly inoculated with Pumpkin smell, then she scent sent it off to us!  I'm going to put it in Darby's crate at night, where we're hoping Darby will become so used to Pumpkin's smell that when she meets her, it will be like meeting a long-lost friend.  Of course, we will never know if that was the case, but it's worth a try, isn't it?

When Darby was done sniffing, snuffing and snuffling every inch of the towel, she gave a good sniff to the gift Leda also sent -- the book From the Ground Up--Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs, by Kim Collins.   What a great gift!  I can't wait to start reading it!  I will never be as graceful and athletic as Taryn over at "A Tail of Two Corgi's" so I probably won't do agility competition, but Darby, Pumpkin and I will at least amuse ourselves in our own backyard course.  (Maybe Glenn will even join us!)
Leda also thoughtfully enclosed Pumpkin's information packet so I wouldn't have something extra to carry when I breeze through the Branson, MO airport two weekends from now to claim my new girl.

Thank you, Leda, for the fun and thoughtful gift!

I like you! You're almost as strange as I am! Not everyone would agree to exchange dog-smelling towels with someone she had never met!

P.S.  Thank you for letting our home be Pumpkin's "forever home." We will take real good care of her. 


Taryn said...

Is Pumpkin still small enough to ride in the cabin with you? Are you just going to the airport and turning right around or staying for a visit?

Francesca said...

That seems like something that would work, what a brilliant idea!

Boo's Mom said...

Taryn, Pumpkin is still small enough to fit under the seat on the plane, so she will be riding in the cabin with me. Leda is loaning me a Sherpa Bag to carry her in. I won't be staying for a visit--I have exactly an hour on the ground in Branson! Since everything has to go near perfectly for this to work, I'm bringing a toothbrush and change of underwear in case it doesn't go near perfectly enough!

Francesca, thanks for the comment. The scent thing SEEMS to make sense. Too bad we won't really know if it made a difference.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Excitement is growing. Can't wait to see Pumpkin Pie on the blog. When I came to my forever home, I went straight into my person's arms and she feed me and held me all the way home. She's not sure how I felt about it, but she was bonded for life. I'm sure everything you are doing will be exactly the same. There's nothing like a puppy!