Friday, October 8, 2010


I have to say I have always been unsure in my feelings about ferrets. I think they are as cute as can be and fascinating to watch, but something about how they ooze through my hands when I hold them gives me shivery shudders.

I got those shivers when I held this guy for the first time:

But, the more I held him, the less I shuddered.

Bonnie was great with him.  They were both a bit wary of each other, but both were curious and kept taking tentative steps toward each other--only to jump back a bit if the other went too far. 

Erika was proud of Bonnie for quietly allowing him to drink out of her water dish. 
Something tells me that if there had been kibble in the other bowl, things might not have gone so smoothly!

Erika updated me last night that Bonnie is settling-in just fine.  She has been sleeping with Erika and Christian as she did before she came to stay with me and everyone (even Christian!) is enjoying the arrangement again.  They've played fetch in one of the common areas, met a couple of neighbor dogs, and have generally just picked up where they left off last December.  Well, of course there is the issue of this new creature, Rocco!   But, even that seems to be going very well.   Thank goodness!

Maybe Bonnie gets the same shivery shudders when she looks at Rocco as I do when I hold him.  If so, hers are sure to go away as she continues to get to know him under Erika's patient coaching. 


Taryn said...

You can really see the curiousity/apprehension in both of them. Bonnie must be a gentle soul to have such restraint. I am afraid my guys would make short work of the ferret.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I would feel about such a little creature. Jennifer is very small and I have an awful time with her. She's so cranky!
But the pictures are fun!

Taryn said...

I saw your comment about posting photos. It's OK, I've posted videos of my runs, so I can't look any sillier than that :-) My email is taryn DOT tipton AT