Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photos from my trip

On our way!

The "middle" is very flat.

Relief, at last!

(If you ever travel with or pick up a dog that has been shipped by air but not in the cabin, be sure to bring a pair of scissors to cut the zip ties that the airline uses to secure the crate door.  We didn't have scissors--so, as poor Bonnie crossed her legs and danced around inside the crate, Erika and I frantically undid all 5,000 wing-nuts holding the top and bottom of the crate together so we could get her out!)

Erika's and Christian's backyard from the deck above.

Checking out her new backyard.

On one of several neighborhood walking trails. 

Sheep trials at Montpelier Station.

Tattoo artwork showing at a Fredericksburg, VA restaurant.  (Erika, Christian and I were the only people without even one tattoo...some people were covered with them!)

Virginia countryside.

Erika's Monday morning mocha.

More tomorrow.

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Amy said...

It looks so pretty there! It reminds me a lot of Iowa. Did you enjoy the cooler fall weather?