Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taryn's & Jimmy's Run

So, Erika, Bonnie and I had a lot of fun at the Agility Competition in Fredericksburg, VA, last weekend.  Taryn and Jimmy from "A Tail of Two Cardis" weren't entirely pleased with their performance on the course they ran while Erika and I were there.  If I understood correctly, Jimmy made two mistakes--and one is all you get.  The first was on the pause board--he put his foot up, removed it, then jumped up and stayed as he was supposed to.  The second error was missing one of the weave poles.

But everything around and between those two errors was wonderful to watch!  The two of them are smokin' fast, athletic, graceful and obviously having a lot of fun. 

Here are some photos:
Notice Taryn's hand signals in this photo and others.
Taryn looks like SHE is jumping, too!
Look closely--Jimmy is at the top, about to start down.

The end of a very fun, if not perfect, run!

And, since this IS "Darby's Daily" after all, here are a couple of photos of Darby and me at the puppy agility class we took last year:



Taryn said...

Wow! You did a nice job catching my run! Thanks for posting the pictures!

You and Darby should take another class, it really is SO much fun when you start running little sequences and courses. Of course I think it's going to be puppy kindergarten that's in your near future :-)

Sammy said...

Hi Darby,

Gosh that agility looks like fun. I hope you and I can do some after I arrive.

Just got back from the dog show--wow, this one was hard. We were on the 4th floor of the hotel, and it must have been a million miles to the elevator and then a million million miles from the elevator to the grass outside. But I was a good girl (and so was Bailey), we didn't have one accident all weekend.

While we were at the show, a whole lot of people stopped by and talked to us and wanted to take us home. But I said NO!, I am going to California to live with my cousin Darby.

Can't wait to meet you.

Your cousin Pumpkin