Monday, September 5, 2011

Corgi Footprints

I got to thinking about footprints today.

So I did a little Google search and turned up all sorts of interesting things.

There is the inspirational, comforting (to some, anyway) Footprint poem, just the thing to read when you are at a real low point in your life.  There are lots of versions of the poem put to song, too.   There's a cowboy song I never heard of called Footprints in the Snow.  You can buy Birkenstocks and who knows what else at a Footprint store,  and if you're curious, there are lots of sites where you can calculate your carbon footprint.

You know that footprint Neil Armstrong left on the moon?  Well, I guess it's still there, at least according to the people at Moon  And, did you know that as I was Googling around the web, I was leaving footprints all over the web?!  Check out the article at that last link if you want to know how to erase your footprints from the web.

That's only a small sampling of the hundreds and hundreds of results that pop up when you Google search "Footprints."

And, now that I've published this post, there will be one more item in the list of results for the next person who  Google searches "footprints!"


Taryn said...


Boo's Mom said...

Thanks, Taryn! It was fun putting the post together. I started this blog for myself -- a baby book for Darby, for my eyes only. Now that I have a small group of people who read it, I sometimes find myself thinking "they won't care about that" when I'm composing a post. When that thought hits me, I remind myself that this is for ME and I write whatever I want to write about! Still, it is really fun when I get good comments, so thank you again! Melissa

Becky said...

We always enjoy your posts! This one is especially special!

scotsmad said...

It's amazing what you can find when you start Googling. But we like the wet corgi footprints best.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Math Games said...

Nicely taken a photo of footprints..And cute dog too:)