Thursday, October 28, 2010


Darby is shy.  I've talked about that here before.  She has trouble meeting new dogs.  New people--no problem at all!  But, new dogs, especially puppies, are often hard for her. 

She seemed to recognize that Bonnie was part of her pack because she took to her right away, but Bonnie was often grumpy with her--ESPECIALLY when it came to food.

Darby started out very nervous around Pumpkin but they are getting along wonderfully now.  I have a feeling Pumpkin will end up the "alpha" in their relationship,  but I think it will be a slightly more gentle, calmer relationship than Darby and Bonnie had.

For as well as they get along, Darby does struggle when Pumpkin decides to swoop in and steal a tennis ball before Darby can get to it.  It's hard for me not to interfere by taking the ball and giving it to Darby, but I stay out of it. 

Darby does seem to be asserting herself a little more, though.   Look what I caught on film:

So, Mom.  She took my ball.  Would you get it for me?

Hmmm.  I sure wish I could have that ball.

She isn't even playing with it.  Maybe I could just sneak in there and grab it.

Or maybe not.  I remember what Bonnie did when I tried that. Come on, Self.  Are you a DOG or are you a MOUSE?

Well, I'm a mousy dog!

But, a mousy dog who has the BALL!!  Whoopee!  


Kelly said...

hehe, too cute. Go, Darby!! :)

Taryn said...

Pumpkin must have been tired to let Darby steal that ball.

Poor Wilson won't even consider something Jimmy has. He's been snarked at enough times to know better.

I saw your comment about needing a new header photo....You need that, and you may need to try out one of those new blog names you were thinking of a while back....I don't think you'll be giving Pumpkin back :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Enjoyed the picture romp, what fun you have! I love it when I get to play with Luke! Luke is a corgi and knows how to play like you two girls.