Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Second Child...

They say that you have your first child and you worry... and worry... and worry... about doing EVERYTHING right.   In the case of my first dog this was pretty much true.  I spent hours on obedience, I made sure she was polite, well behaved, and a model dog citizen.   I wanted to make sure that MY dog was NEVER one of "THOSE" dogs that we see out in public and wonder who raised them.

But then, comes the second child, (ahem -- Corgi).

I've heard the second child gets the easy ride.  The parents aren't quite as worried, don't feel quite as scared, and are willing to let a few more things slide.  

Case in point... this past Thursday's dinner.  

Yes, that is Bailey, up on the couch, standing on my husband's shoulder chewing/licking a corn cob that my husband was just seconds before eating himself.  

Sometimes we eat dinner in front of our couch at our coffee table and Thursday was one of those nights.  While Bonnie firmly plants herself under the coffee table looking for scraps, Bailey takes the high ground and will occasionally rest his head on our shoulders until he gets a little something.   Now I  KNOW this is wrong.  I know it deep down in my gut... BUT, I just can't help it.  He is so darn cute and I keep thinking... what the heck, you only live once... so what if you're encouraging this horrible behavior.  I really should've stopped him as the feelings of dread bubbled up in my stomach, but I had to get some pictures first :)

And then my parental fairness instincts really kicked in and I thought... wait... why doesn't Bonnie get any?!

So maybe it's true, the second child softens you somehow... takes some of the pressure off, and puts into perspective the things that really matter in life... and how fun it can be to sometimes just LET GO.  :)


Lois said...

Can't ....stop....laughing...Corn Corgis....Blue Corgis...ALL GOOD ! Hilarious, thank you !!!!

Taryn said...

If I let one of my guys stand over my shoulder like that while I ate.....It would be like taking a shower from all the drool! Ewww!

But....I let mine beg and eat from our food, too! Who can resist? Certainly not me!

Great post!

Boo's Mom said...

Erika, are you feeling badly that you were my first and only??? (-:

scotsmad said...

So cute. We always sit around HER and stare. If SHE sat on the floor, we'd be behind her too. Don't see anything wrong.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy