Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Velcro dog

Both Pumpkin and Darby prefer to be with us than not.

As far as preferring Glenn or me, Pumpkin is pretty much an equal opportunity gal. If Glenn and I both called her at the same time, she would be seriously torn about which one of us to choose. (And I have no doubt it would be the one who was making the most "happy," "let's play!" noises!)

But, Darby? Darby is my velcro dog.

She is happiest if she is near me, and often on me.

She always a spot next to my chair at the kitchen table.  Often, Pumpkin will lie under my chair, but just as often she will be near Glenn or even off in the family room or hallway.

When I settle down on the sofa (as I have been doing an awfully lot of since my surgery last week) Darby will do her best to get the spot on the sofa next to me.  When Pumpkin gets there first, Darby often won't even bother to jump up on the sofa, she'll come around and lie down on the floor next to me where I can pet her or -- sweet heaven! -- rub my feet on her back!

I like the expression "velcro dog."  It fits my Darby-girl just right.


Becky said...

Oh! that is so sweet! I wonder if it is in the genes or just 2nd in line. Buddy never leaves my side unless I leave the house and then he just waits by the door! We need to ask Leda about "Dad."

scotsmad said...

Velcro dogs are wonderful.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sarge said...

Hey Darby & Pumpkin!
Wow, that's a great way to snuggle up to your peeps! I'm sure they both give great rubs and scritches!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Taryn said...

Wilson prefers me, and Jimmy absolutely dotes on John. If I had to call one Velcro, it would be Jimmy, as he always stays in the room with the person in it. Wilson is much more independant, and will happily sit and smell the roses outdoors all by himself for hours.
And of course, they are both extrememly velcro when the humans are eating!

Sammy said...

Darby and Buddy,

Daddy Rocco is the penultimate velcro dog. When he is in the house he is constantly underfoot, almost tripping me, sleeps next to me on the bed or on the couch. Because of his velcroness, he was only able to get two obedience titles--he couldn't go on because he would not leave my side to do the jumps or fetch the objects. Your brother Sammy is the same except he prefers his crate to the bed at night.

So I guess you can say that velcroness is "all in the family".

Sammy's PA

Boo's Mom said...

How fun to hear from all of you about your velcro dogs. Sammy's PA, isn't it interesting about velcroness being all in the family? Darby is always underfoot with me, too. I have to be careful not to trip over her. I've tried nudging her, shuffling my feet, spraying her with a squirt bottle, but none of those things work all the time. That's why I left the girls outside whenever Glenn wasn't with me the first couple of days I was home from the hospital.

christian and erika said...

When you first brought Darby home she wasn't very social... REMEMBER???? And do you remember when I told you that it would all change and that she would begin to LOVE to sit on you and cuddle???

Leda, is there something about corgi puppies that make them a bit anti-social at first? My girl Bonnie was the same and I remember being very worried, as my mom was about Darby at first. We were use to Golden Retriever puppies who velcro from the start.

Sammy said...


I don't think that it is anti-social behavior. Cardigans were bred to work stock, but also to guard the crofters' cottage and parcel of land (one of the reasons for their size). They would patrol the property walking along those low stone walls, protecting their family from intruders. The breed standard describes the Cardigan as a slightly aloof/reserved dog, but one who is loyal and highly protective of its owners. The new puppy, who just left the warmth and chaos of the maternal home, just needs time to acclimate and then--whoosh-Velcro Dogs!:-)

Sammy's PA

Becky said...

It's interesting what Leda said about guarding the perimeter of the cottages. Buddy won't leave me long enough to do that but it's interesting to watch the Bear. He makes his way around the fence in the backyard every morning and every night before bedtime. I just thought he was looking for a way out, but now I'm impressed with his genetics! Oh! corgis! I luv 'em!