Monday, September 26, 2011


Pumpkin foraging in the cottonwood leaves.

I love seeing the leaves on the lawn. 

My favorite time of year and my favorite time of day.

Feverfew reseeding itself!


Recuperating from the other end of the sofa. 

My father often commented on how attractive a girl's or woman's profile was.  He loved my mom's profile when she wore her hair in a French Twist.  I like profiles, too.  And, especially love Darby's profile.

Keeping guard

A man in the kitchen is a good thing.
Nice recuperating activity -- I rubbed a mixture of mineral oil and beewax ("spoon food") on the stones I picked up from Agate Beach on Lopez Island in August.  They look almost like jewels.
Too high to reach.  Glenn harvested almost all of the remaining pomegranates.  He put a big box of them out by our mailbox on Saturday and by the end of the day, all that was left in the box was a thank you note!

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Becky said...

A lovely home, a beautiful yard, two sweet girl dogs (somewhere a cat?!)a husband who knows what a kitchen is for. It seems like a lot of love going on! Hope you are mended now!