Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Corgi Content

Taryn, Daisy and Lois were correct--we're in Virginia visiting Erika, Christian and our grand-dogs and Lois is correct that the grand-dogs are indeed beautiful! 

We've been busy exploring and I haven't taken many photos, but had to get a couple shots of the cicadas that have produced a musical background to our days here.  I believe these are the "seventeen year" variety--they have been living and growing underground until the last couple of weeks when they emerged, looking for mates. I understand that there are several varieties -- 3 year, 5 year 7 year, etc.  So I guess cicada chorus is a common, yearly activity around here. 

But it's definitely a novelty for Glenn and me. Enough so that we had to get a photo of one of the very noisy little creatures. I'm not a bug fan, but something about these creatures is kind of appealing  and not as creepy as I would have thought.  

We only have one more day here.  Sigh. We're going to miss Erika, Christian and the "grands."  We're even going to miss the cicadas!


Taryn said...

Funny but no cicadas here in my (fairly close by) part of Virginia. We visited John's parent's today, and at about 35 miles from us, the cicadas were screaming at their house! Millions of little cicada corpses also littered their yard. They can't let their dog out because he wants to eat them. Yuck!

Taryn said...

Oh, and isn't the weird song they sing LOUD and just a little bit eerie? Sounds like a space ship :-)

Boo's Mom said...

Yes, Taryn, their song sounds like a space ship or the creepy background music of a spook movie! That is a Remington, cicada--Remington is a little closer to you, I believe, than Fredericksburg. They were incredibly loud in many places -- culpeper, sperryville, and here in Fredericksburg. Weird creatures, for sure. As we're the ticks Glenn, Erika and I found on ourselves after a little adventure I'll tell you about in an email when we get home.

scotsmad said...

Cicadas, the sound of summer.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

All about Dogs said...

The cicadas here in Africa get VERY loud and the hotter it gets the louder they become.