Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's my party and...

It's MY party and I'll stay upstairs if I want to!

Darby's mom, Bryn, and her humans Wendy and Mike and their other dog, Dinah, spent the afternoon and evening with us yesterday and helped us celebrate Darby's 2nd birthday.  Poor Darby!  She didn't have as much fun at her birthday party as everyone else did.  In fact, she spent most of the time on the middle or upstairs landings -- by her choice!  And, when she did venture downstairs to be with us, she spent a good bit of the time barking.

But,  even though Darby was shy and afraid of her dog guests (NOT the human guests--she loved them!)  the rest of us had a great time together.  I didn't take a lot of photos (what was with us this year, Becky??) but here are some of the good ones I caught: 
Mike, Dinah, Wendy and Darby's mom, Bryn
Pumpkin, Wendy and Bryn
Pumpkin being rude, but friendly!
Dinah wasn't so sure about her "Dad" lovin' on Pumpkin, or Pumpkin stepping all over her back!

I think I will never stop marveling about my incredible chance meeting last year with Darby's mom and her family.   As Wendy commented, it's even more remarkable that we enjoy each others company.  Even if Darby wasn't so sure of that last night, the rest of her party was!  


Becky said...

Oh! How Sweet! Lots of smiles, lots of love, and kisses! Good conversation I bet too! It's a great story! We do believe that things good always come together! This just proves it. It was so great that you let Darby be Darby! Now that Buddy is 2, he is beginning to show signs of independence like Darby! It's just corgi that we love so much! The puppy gives him added responsibility and he takes it seriously even with his people friends! He worries a lot! We're working on it!

scotsmad said...

Poor Darby, a bit overwelmed, I guess. At least she wasn't pressured into joining the party. Looks like it was great fun!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella