Thursday, December 31, 2009


Fog flowing over the hills behind us:


Fog flowing out of someone's mouth:


It is chilly and damp outside this morning!

P.S.  Look for the quality of photographs to improve somewhat over the coming months.  I just purchased a digital SLR and once I figure out how to use it and remember what I learned in the photography classes I took 29 years ago, maybe this blog will start looking a little better!


Anonymous said...

Hi Darby and Bonnie, it's me Buddy!
You sure do have a great yard to play in and what a view!

We are really a lot alike. I think I just have a little more trouble being good than you do.

I hope you and your humans have a wonderful year filled with only good things.

We are going to nap so we can stay up and see in the New Year! I bet I can. I walk 45 minutes a day now but I still have lots of energy.

Isn't our Sammy a beauty! What a guy! Bet he wins every show next year.

Have fun tonight, but don't eat any cookies or candy! Take my word for it, you'd be sorry!

your brother,

P.P.S. I ditto Buddy's wishes! It's been a fun year watching Darby grow. We feel a real kinship. Wishing you a happy new year,

That corgi :) said...

cool picture of the fog! this morning when I went to the bathroom around 4 o'clock it was real foggy but cleared by sunrise

looking forward to seeing your new pictures but I like your blog just as it is :)

Happy New Year!