Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play fighting

I wish I had a photo of Darby and Bonnie play fighting.   It sounds HORRIBLE, involves the showing of major teeth, and lots of rolling, tumbling and bumping into furniture.  

When it takes place outside, it involves Darby breaking away and running like a mad man around the backyard, swooping in now and then just close enough for Bonnie to lunge at her.

Bonnie makes ALL the noise, until she gets tired and stops playing.  Then Darby starts barking at her, asking her to play again.

It's fun to watch!

But, Glenn doesn't appreciate it when they decide to do it in the bedroom while he is still asleep! 


That corgi :) said...

just like little kids, LOL; but I have to agree, this wouldn't be fun if one was still trying to get some sleep


Anonymous said...

Hi! you guys! It's me Buddy!
You are really having fun with your big dog! Wish I was there. We did have a great Christmas. Hope your Holiday was filled with cookies, and candy, no calories and lots of luv. I had a plate of goodies so I was down for awhile, tummy rumbles, but recovered now. I should have known better than to pull it from the table. Ya'd think?! Luke helped but he didn't get sick at all. He's had more practice on what to not eat.
I'm hoping my blog assistant will get back on the ball soon.