Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Angels

This morning, Darby and Bonnie made me think of the Blue Angels.  I'm sure you know about them--the elite, Navy jet fighter group that puts on precision flying shows throughout the US.

Bonnie and Darby were fraping in the backyard--in unison!  And, being the same shape and basically the same color added to the grace and beauty of their fun. 

They ran side-by-side the width of the backyard (w-i-d-e but I don't know how wide) and turned together in the same direction just before slamming into the wall.  Back the other way, this time with Darby weaving in front of Bonnie a couple of times with neither of them missing a step.

They continued their maneuvers for quite awhile with me sipping coffee and enjoying the pre-dawn sky.   (Did you see the full moon?  A Blue moon, at that!)

At one point they ran away from me toward the back edge of the yard and JUST before crashing through the rose bushes and into the fence,  they turned--but this time Darby turned right and Bonnie turned left!  Just like the Blue Angels streaking across the sky, then splitting off in different directions! 

The finale came when they ran straight toward the house--straight at me watching them from the patio!  JUST before crashing into ME this time, they split off to either side and streaked by me to the water bowl!

Just like the Blue Angels!

Too bad they act like the Brindle Devils a lot of the rest of the time!*

* Just kidding.  They really get along very well EXCEPT when it comes to food.

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That corgi :) said...

that must have been such a sight to see!! too cute!