Wednesday, October 2, 2013

(A few more than) One Word Wednesday


So, I guess I took one.  A hiatus, that is, from blogging. 

Taryn emailed me this morning and asked if everything was OK. 

Everything is OK.  Or almost OK.

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. 

I have a new work schedule -- working shorter days which gets me home earlier and instead of blogging and reading blogs, I've been cooking and gardening and reading books about moving to the country and chickens and goats and growing clean food. 

I'm still taking photos, but few of them have been of the dogs and the others haven't inspired me to put them up here on the blog and talk about them.  

But, here I am now, so I'll show (and tell) you a bit of what I've been doing for the last two weeks.

I've been the site of more than one competition between Harry and Darby for lap privileges.

I've been charmed by the sweet Pumpkin-girl's habit of curling up in Glenn's previous day's laundry every morning.  (I considered doing a photo every day for a week but kept forgetting to bring my camera upstairs.)

I've been marveling at how Harry lets me make his claws pop out.   Makes it very easy to trim them.  Sweet Harry.

I've been decorating for fall.  (Watch out for that TSA-declared lethal weapon!)

I've been planning and planting my fall garden.  

I've been deciding that white bath mats aren't very practical with dogs who love to lap up water off the shower floor. 

I've been eating nothing but homemade granola.  No store bought cereal.  MUCH cheaper and MUCH tastier.  It's time to make more. 

I've been thankful that this very close brush fire burned away from us rather than toward us.  Fire season almost never goes away here in very southern, Southern California, but the really serious season -- hot days with single-digit humidity and strong winds -- is upon us now and will be until the rains start (if they do) in November.  

So, there's a little of my past two weeks.  Precious little about the namesakes of this blog!

I'm not ready to call this blogging thing quits yet, but I've given up trying to keep up with the "daily" aspect of Darby's and Pumpkin's Daily!

See you around next time I have something fun to share!  


Taryn said...

Part of what I enjoy so much about your blog is the glimpses of your life/neighborhood/decorations, etc. in addition to your wonderful Cardis.
Don't feel like it's got to be the dogs or nothing :-) It's all good!

Glad that fire stayed away!

Jackie Bouchard said...

I agree with Taryn - always love to see your decorations!

Great photos. We have been eating homemade granola for years. (Just made a batch yesterday.) So easy, so much less expensive and SO much tastier. Store bought always has a weird flavor to it.

The fire danger is scary - esp'y with the forecast for this weekend. Ugh. I hate Santa Anas! Hopefully there won't be any bad fires. Fingers crossed!

Oh - and your garden plan looks amazing!

Lois said...

Glad you're back and the pics ! That garden plan is insane ! And always love the Harry...take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi! We stopped by to say Hi! Your pictures are beautiful. It sounds like you've been having fun! The boys and I believe that's what it's all about. You go girl!