Sunday, November 25, 2012

Differences -- again

We went to the vet last week.

Darby weighed 29.4 pounds.  Pumpkin came in at 28.3.

I don't have reason to pick them up very often, so the very small weight difference surprised me.  Darby is definitely taller and longer than Pumpkin so I would have guessed, as did Glenn, that there was about a 5 pound difference between them.  But we guessed wrong!

I tried to find photos that show their size difference, but only came up with these not-so-illustrative shots.


Tucked neatly within

I had to examine them for a bit to figure out why in spite of their height and length difference there was so little weight difference between them.

Darby seems finer-boned that Pumpkin.  While her legs, head --everything-- is longer, it all seems more streamlined on Darby.  The bones feel more delicate.  Except her feet.  Darby's feet are wonderfully, deliciously, solidly round.  Pumpkin's feet are nice, but Darby's are great!  And Darby doesn't mind me playing with the webbing between her toes. 

Darby makes me think of a cheetah or leopard while Pumpkin seems more like a lion or tiger.

My father used to refer to a woman who had a little extra padding in the rear end as being "broad in the beam."  Pumpkin is broad in the beam.  Her rear end would make a great ottoman if she would stand still for the task! 

Darby has a very, very definite "waist."  If they wore jeans, Darby would be buying Eddie Bauer's "Curvy" style and Pumpkin would need the "Truly Straight" fit.

It occurred to me that these differences might be a source of envy or jealousy between them if they were human sisters.  (You know how the grass is always greener on the other side!)  Thank goodness they aren't aware of their differences and only have to worry about who gets to come in the door first, who gets to sit next to The One Who Feeds Us, and who'll get the best marrow bone!


Lois said...

" Sameness "......just darling

scotsmad said...

We dogs have our priorities in order.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

christian and erika said...

I see this with people all the time. Being a profession where I am weighing people all day I am always amazed who weighs what! People who look like they should be 190 end up being 150. Men who look like they should be over 200 come in at 170. It's weird. :) I wonder how the weight guessing people at the fair figure it out!