Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cooking with Darby and Pumpkin

Darby and Pumpkin have established a fairly reliable routine while hanging out with me in the kitchen.

My velcro, goodie-two-shoes, choose-me-teacher! dog, Darby, almost always positions herself as close to me as I'll allow.  Usually she is right there:

Pumpkin, when she isn't trolling around dragging that long tongue of hers along the floor in search of any crumbs or good tasting drips, usually takes up this spot by the refrigerator:

Sometimes, especially in the winter time when it is chilly, both girls will crowd around the oven.  I always make them move before I take things out of the oven or transfer pots of boiling whatever to the sink.

It's nice having my dog-girls keeping me company.   Who wouldn't want a sweet face like this looking up at you?


scotsmad said...

SHE says we get in her way and we'd better 'get out'. But then, she does call us in to eat whatever drops.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lois said...

Feels like home :-).....Psst, I found Darby's rubber ball at Whole Foods, now trying to "teach" Pippin it's wonders how fun it can be...