Sunday, October 2, 2011

First days of Fall

Being home recuperating has its benefits -- leisurely enjoying the first days of Fall is one of them.
Hunting something; probably a lizard

Does this shadow make my butt look big?  (I love the long shadows of this time of year.)
Still spending lots of time on the sofa with my girls.

Ready for roasting, freezing then green chili stew some chilly Fall or Winter day.

Continuing to change.

A VERY small portion of the hot, hot, hot peppers I grew, when, based on the tags in the plants when I bought them, I thought I was growing sweet, mild bell peppers.  Glenn likes hot ones, so I'm looking for a recipe to make use of these. 

One of the real joys for me of this recuperation time, is the incredible luxury of leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning at home.

A horned worm that got away from my purge earlier this week.

I love the light in Fall.

Chinese Pistache tree starting to change.  Last year it looked like it was on fire.  I wonder if this year will be as nice. 


Becky said...

Nice day! Nice pictures!

scotsmad said...

A beautiful time of year. You captured it sooooo well.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella