Saturday, May 30, 2009

To the Vet

Darby and I are off to see Dr. Massey or Dr. Valerie at El Cerrito Veterinary Hospital today. Darby is getting her third round of shots. I'm curious to find out how much she weighs and to see if she is a little less apprehensive than she was on her first visit. We've been taking our animals to these two women veterinarians since 1987--a much longer relationship than I've had with any of my human doctors!

Ear update: This photo doesn't show it well, but her left ear is standing up more and more each day. I'm wishing they will both pop up real soon, but if they don't, the tape goes on tonight or tomorrow. I don't know if I want to be the one to hold her or to apply the tape. I think I'll let Maggie, the friend-of-a-friend who breeds Pembroke Welsh Corgis who has offered to help me, decide which I should do.

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