Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year's Day Visitor

Look who showed up at our front door today:

George!  Of George the Lad fame.  All the way from the UK.  OK.  So it isn't really George the Lad, it is Flat George the Lad and he is starting his world tour today.  You can read about it and follow him in his travels here.

It's getting late so I probably won't be able to get any photos of Flat George with Darby and Pumpkin.  But, there's always tomorrow! 

I hope Flat George is house-trained...


George the Lad said...

Gald to see he arrived safe and sound, I think I might have to get him an air mile card!
See Yea from the reel George xxx

Anonymous said...

What fun! Is he any kin to Flat Stanley? We had the pleasure of Flat Stanley's company, on his way to China last year.

Boo's Mom said...

Becky, I think Flat George is kin to Flat Stanley. Are you and Buddy going to host him?

Too bad you can't get air miles for your flat namesake, George. You and your humans would fly free for a long time!