Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who's been sitting in my chair?

OK.  So, it's Glenn's chair, not mine.  

But, look who's been sitting in it!

And, look who seems to be wishing she could be sitting in it!


Kelly said...

haha too cute :) Gibson loves sitting at the table in a chair. I think he thinks he's people when he does it!

Buddy said...

Hi! Remember me? It's me Buddy!
My person feels that life is full of peaks and valleys. I think we've been in the valley for awhile but things are always good, we just have to keep walking. I understanding walking. Loved catching up on your blog. Darby, your personal assistant is very insightful.
Pumpkin is really growing. What a pretty puppy and look at her ears. No tape for her.
Have a lovely day!