Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Speaking of puppy ears....

Of course you know that Darby has two brothers--Buddy who lives in northern-southern California (whereas we live in southern-southern California!) and Sammy who lives in Arkansas.

Buddy and Darby both do something that Buddy's human calls "puppy ears."  Go look at Buddy's blog (the link is in my blog list) for an example of Buddy doing half puppy ears.

Here's Darby doing full on puppy ears:
She lays her ears back like that when she greets someone, or when a human coos at her or looks ready to pet her! 

This photo doesn't capture how sweet and cute she looks (in fact, she might look a little scared, but I assure you she isn't!)

I just love it when Darby does puppy ears and I love it that Buddy's human gave it a name.

I wonder if Sammy does puppy ears? 

And, I wonder if Pumpkin will?


Amy said...

So sweet! I know exactly what kind of ears you are talking about! We used to call them "woodgie ears." Come to think of it, I have no idea why we called them that, it was a totally made up name, but those ears sure are cute!

corgimas said...

My Cardi (Sammy as well) who passed away in Dec. did "puppy ears".....they were usually accompanied with a frenzied tail wag too!!!

My Swedish Vallhund Anya, takes "ears" one step further. after your hand has left the back of her head the ears flatten back down and her head tilts to the exact -in her mind- angle that your hand will me her forehead to keep you petting her....

miss our cardi friend....need another one!!!
great pix and stories!

Buddy said...

Hi! Darby & Co.
It's me Buddy,
Aren't you cute! You do puppy ears so well! I personally think they get us more sweet talk don't you? It looks like other friends do it too. It's a great life, isn't it! Have a happy day!

Boo's Mom said...

"Woodgie ears" huh, Amy?? Cute name! But, I think I'm going to stick with Buddy's human's name: "puppy ears."
Corgimas, you didn't make it easy, but I found a photo of your Sammy and Anya. Nice looking dogs. I'm sorry about Sammy. Buddy's human and I can put you in touch with a real good breeder, when you're ready for another Cardi....

Darby's person, Melissa

Play it Again Sam said...

Sammy here--

I don't do "puppy ears". I do "bad dog" ears. The only time I look like Darbs (in the picture)is when I know I have been a bad boy. Then I'll put my ears back and slowly, ever so slowly, roll over on my back. I look so pitiful, my human can't stay mad at me (giggle giggle:-0).