Monday, April 26, 2010

She caught it!

I don't throw the ball intending for her to try to catch it because, honestly, it scares me to watch her jump like this.   Sometimes, as in this photo, it looks like she is going to land flat on her back.  But, she manages to twist herself around and land on her feet--except twice, when she landed on her side with a thump.  I held my breath until she jumped to her feet, grabbed the ball which had popped out of her mouth when she landed, and ran back to me for more.

She is the most rambunctious player of all the dogs I've know--she throws herself into everything; runs as fast as she can, slides, careens around corners, rolls over to avoid things and sometimes nearly crashes into things.  I have no idea how to slow her down (in either her eating or playing!) but at least we can do our best to keep the ball low to the ground!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby, it's me Buddy,
Wow! That's some move! You do it with such grace!

That corgi :) said...

wow! amazing! have you tried her with a Frisbie?? that could be fun to see if she enjoyed catching that (Koda used to like to)

I wonder if she will slow down as she matures....


Amy said...

Wow!! Talk about some doggie acrobatics!!

christian and erika said...

I agree, Frisbie is in order. Especially since Bonnie won't bother and doesn't understand that a Frisbie is basically a flattened ball flying through the air. This may solve the ball wars. ;)