Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a fun afternoon--and evening!

Bryn, Dinah and their humans Wendy and Mike spent the afternoon with us and we had so much fun we stretched it out into dinner, too!  

I have to say that I did not detect any signs of recognition between Darby and her mom, Bryn, but Wendy isn't so sure.   Poor Darby had a hard time, as she often does, with new dogs--even if one of them wasn't totally new!  She retreated to her crate--on her own--a few times and she spent a good part of the afternoon on her back, being submissive or barking trying to get the strange dogs to go home! But, she cozied right up to Wendy and Mike.    

While the four canine girls didn't spend the afternoon chasing each other around the backyard as I had envisioned they might, it was still a great afternoon!

Tomorrow, I'll write more about the reunion, but tonight I'll leave you with this photo of Wendy, Bryn, Darby and me:

And, Buddy--here are a couple more photos of your mama's toe freckleage, just for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me Buddy!
Darby, do you look as much like Mom as you do in the picture?! You girls are beautiful! All of you!
I do have Mom's toes but mine don't look quite that dark on the front but the back foot does. Are we just wonderful creatures or what?!. We not only are "man's best friend", but we bring friends together! Wow! I'm impressed with this whole wonderful story. We are crying for happy!

Looking forward to more pictures!

Brother Buddy

That corgi :) said...

sounded like a fun gathering. Very interesting about Darby being a bit shy around family, but then again she probably didn't remember her moama. cute pictures!