Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pink tongue

I like how the light is shining on (or through?) Bonnie's tongue. An otherwise crummy photo, but I like the tongue!

P.S. If you haven't already, go check out Darby's brothers' blogs here and here. When you go to Buddy's blog take a look at his ears! His human says they are no bigger than Buddy's friend Luke's, but it sure seems to me like Darby and Buddy have HUGE ears. The photos of Sammy show big ears, but, somehow not as big as Darby's and Buddy's. Maybe it's something in California water...


Anonymous said...

Buddy's outside so took my turn to blog. I think from looking that Darby and Buddy's ears are about the same. Magnificent! Buddy has black at the base which has an effect of making them jump out at you. We measured Luke's and Buddy's are the same size. Luke's don't look as big. We sure did worry about them didn't we?!
Looked at Sammy's site. Loved that little Blaze. Looks like Buddy's ears. Here comes the tape.
Wish we could afford another puppy. Can't seem to get enough of Corgis. They just steal your heart.
When are you going to put Darby on adult food? Have you decided what kind?


Boo's Mom said...

Hi, Betty. My daughter fell in love with Blaze, too. She and I are going to have to figure out what to do when she finishes her internship--I think Bonnie and Darby will be too lonely to go back to being only-dogs-in-the-house after being together. So, we'll be talking about the best thing to do--should I keep both of these girls (although it will be hard for Erika to give up Bonnie) and have Erika get two pups or should we each get a pup. Gotta start saving our money!

I'll have to measure my girls' ears--I would swear that Darby's are bigger than Bonnie's, but maybe not. Bonnie's are definitely thicker--more leathery. Maybe that's why they were up at 6 weeks!

I switched Darby to Purina chicken and rice Adult food just a week or two ago. (I've been feeding her the Purina chicken/rice puppy chow that Leda fed them.)

It sure is fun watching the three dogs grow up!


That corgi :) said...

that is a cool picture!!! don't you love this weather? I think it got up to about 80 degrees here today :)