Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Montana Wool/Chicago Design

So, it is in the low 40's in my backyard this morning. As I stand out there throwing the darned ball for my sweet Darby-girl, I'm glad I'm protected by Montana wool.

When I purchased the lovely gray wool yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods at Dupuyer Cache September a year ago, a little voice told me "You'll never have reason to wear a sweater knit from heavy worsted weight wool yarn." But, I loved the color and couldn't resist. (My iPhone photo doesn't capture the color well at all.)

I knit the sweater from a Chic Knits pattern and LOVED it but only wore it once or twice until this fall and Darby and her ball. 

Now, I wear the sweater every morning and every night!  Thank goodness for Montana wool!  And, even though no one but Darby and an occasional coyote ever sees, it feels good to be stylish in my Chicago-designed hoodie! 


That corgi :) said...

it looks really warm and comfy!! is it scratchy or soft?? sometimes wool can be a bit itchy, know what I mean??

it has been cold, hasn't it??


Boo's Mom said...

Betty, the sweater is wonderfully soft--soft enough to wear against bare skin! Merino wool from sheep that are very carefully bred.

It HAS been cold and I LOVE it!