Saturday, November 21, 2009

Darn that iPhone

The funeral is behind us.  It was a very sad, but excellent service.  All sorts of things my brother loved were there--his family, his Marine friends, horses pulling the casson carrying his coffin, swords, a military band, a gun salute, and bagpipes.  It was a dreary cloudy day, just perfect for a funeral and and late that evening after all his friends had left, rain came along with two loud claps of thunder and bolts of lightning -- a perfect end to the funeral day of a man who loved storms.  As excellent as his funeral was, I wish he was still here and there had been no reason for a funeral at all.

But, of all the people about whom it is said "he wouldn't want us to go around crying" I think it is especially true of my brother.  So, I'm trying not to do any crying.  It isn't easy because, not only do I miss him, I also miss my Darby!

There is someone canine here at my niece's house who is temporarily taking her place--Nico, the springer spaniel, who, my sister discovered also loves to sleep on the sofa on her back with all four legs up in the air!  Kathy spent a large part of yesterday evening with Nico's head in her lap! 

I'd post a picture of Nico here, but my iPhone died a bit ago when I was out walking and pulled it out to take a photo of a white tailed deer who ran across the road in front of me!  Maybe that California-bred iPhone just couldn't take the 40 degree temp!

The nearest Apple store is an hour away, and I am here for seven more days.  I think I'll have to make the drive!

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That corgi :) said...

again I'm sorry for your brother's passing; I do believe you are right that your iPhone can't handle the cool of the Virginia/DC area. Oh my 7 more days! I bet Darby is wondering where you are but I know she's also having fun. the first time we left Koda to (interestingly enough) go some place was when he was six months old and we were gone 10 days to the DC area to visit my sister/mom.

hope you get the iPhone issues resolved