Sunday, October 25, 2009

Testing Continues

Testing continues.

Starbucks Petite Vanilla Scone lost to the ball. 

Darby did dart her tongue out to lick the generous piece of scone I offered her in my left hand, but her eyes remained fixed on the ball in my right hand until I threw it and off she went.

The score so far:  Cheese--0; Natural Balance Duck and Potato Treat*--0; Petite Vanilla Scone--0; Tennis Ball--3

Testing will continue.

* Ordinarily duck and potato treat will cause Darby AND Bonnie to chatter their teeth in excitement!  Bonnie is pretty ball-obsessed, too.  But something tells me Duck and Potato treat would win with her! 


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby! It's me Buddy!
Way to keep your human guessing! Question, do you get the treat later? Best of both worlds kinda thing? Personally I would lose and go for the treat. Really admire your stamina.
Darby's human, sorry it's all me. I am a very funny puppy. My person has no sense of humor. I must say that you inspire me with all your wonderful comments. Thank you!


Person P.S. I most certainly do have a sense of humor. I put up with Buddy's puppy ways. I enjoy Darby's blog and your sweet comments too. Thank you!

seeking the truth said...

I like this testing you are doing to see what will take her focus off the ball; I'm surprised the cheese didn't do it though :)

such a cute picture of her :)

(I changed my picture/signature for commenting on blogs; didn't want you to get confused with who is commenting on your blog :)