Saturday, October 24, 2009


When my parents first moved to San Diego from the east, they were so fall-color starved that they would load us into the car and take a drive on Highway 395 through Balboa Park just to look at the deciduous trees planted in the median.

My parents would be very happy to see all the Liquid Amber trees and other fall color trees that have been planted here and are now large, beautiful trees. These leaves artfully displaying Darby's ball, are from our neighbors' tree.

Does it look like she is looking up at me in an adoring manner? Nope! It's the tennis ball I am holding.

Darby looks like fall to me.


a corgi said...

she does! very fall colors!

I noticed up here in the Temecula valley there are a few trees that have changed; nothing like the east or north, but definitely a nice touch of fall :)

enjoy the day


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darb, it's me Buddy,
You must have a great yard but how do you resist chewing the leaves? My person watches me like a hawk 'cause I like to chew up foliage of any kind. I'm doing better but it's still a temptation.


Boo's Mom said...

Leda warned me that Darby might destroy our backyard, but SO FAR she hasn't done any damage at all! Well, maybe a little hole here and there, but we aren't too bugged by that because we think she is after gophers and Glenn is OBSESSED with catching any gopher that makes it past his battery of anti-gopher equipment. She did like the pomegranates that either fell off the tree or she managed to reach and pull off.

Boo's Mom said...

Betty, we DO have seasons here in SOCAL--they just take a bit of looking to notice, huh?