Friday, October 30, 2009

New material!

Darby has something in common with the first President Bush--she doesn't like broccoli either!

I read recently about a corgi who loves it, so I steamed up a few pieces tonight and when they had cooled off, rolled them around in her kibble to give them a nice meaty taste.

She bit into the first piece and I thought, great!  Something else to feed her.  But, nope!  She dropped it over the side of her dish. 

Then she dropped the second piece,

then the third,




and fifth!


Then, she proceeded to delicately nibble every last piece of kibble from around the broccoli pieces remaining in her bowl.

She also scarfed up the piece of kibble that fell out along with the second piece of broccoli she dropped from her dish.


And, finally, she gave the broccoli on the floor one more sniff, then walked away!

So much for adding something new to her diet, but it sure was nice to have something other than tennis balls to talk about!

P.S.  These photos made me realize how grubby around the edges Darby's bowl had become.  You'll be happy to know I scrubbed it.  


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby, it's me Buddy,
Broccoli? I don't know. My person had a blue named Beau that loved it. Only raw. She said he would strip pieces off. I hope I don't have to try it. My favorites are chicken and chicken and chicken and cheerios.
Sounds like you and your humans have a lot of fun on Halloween! Hope you share some pictures on your blog. We are going to trick or treat (My favorite word) at the grandchildren's house.
We are practicing not barking. Do you like to bark and run up to people. I do! They even play along and act scared. But apparently it's WRONG!
Happy Halloween!
and my person

That corgi :) said...

LOL!!! how funny!!! I like how she picked them up and took them out of her bowl! Darby, you should be eating your veggies :)

Koda likes a carrot every once in awhile, but he likes cantelope and apples so I'll share those with him sometimes


christian and erika said...

Hey Darby, when Bonnie comes to stay with you, she'll eat your green veggies for you. If there is anything you don't like... no worries, Bonnie will eat it. One time, her mom offered her an entire Thai chile (as a joke to see if she would eat it) and Bonnie snatched it right up and swallowed it whole! I suppose the trick is to swallow your food... not chew it. That way you can bring in the most volume... which SHOULD be your concern as a Corgi... volume not taste! :)

Bonnie's mom is going to be a pirate today... and hand out candy to little kids who come to her school. The husband has a warewolf costume that was sooo real is SCARED miss Bonnie. She kept hiding behind her mom's legs and barking. I know you're afraid sometimes but Bonnie almost never is!

Bonnie will be wearing the Target Banana costume tonight. Wish her luck!