Saturday, October 17, 2009

More outside-in-the-dark photos



a corgi said...

pictures came out great! I like the sign to make sure Darby doesn't get out :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Darby, its me Buddy,
WoW! Don't you just love the dark. I don't get out much after dark to explore because of the skunk. I have a curfew!
It looks like you have a great yard to play in. You are so cute! Look forward to meeting up one day!

Please tell your human thank you for her concern about the bone. I put it beside by toy basket. I can't find a place yet, but not giving up.

I think there must be some mischief I need to get into, I've been good for way to long. talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Hi again! It's me Buddy,
Tell you a secret about my walks in the hills off leash. My person and I have an agreement, I will come back to the whistle and Good Boy if my reward is chicken but only 99% of the time, I like to keep my options open. She's really good at tricking me, though, because I'm so short she sees joggers and other dogs before I do. Joggers and other dogs are the 1%.


Person P.S. I was wondering about the puppy food too. But everything I've been able to find out is that you change them at a year. All the adult foods say 1 year and older. Eating is already one of Buddy's favorite things to do. He's for sure a corgi! He will do just about anything for a treat.