Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lots of corgis

When I took Darby to the vet about two weeks ago to be spayed, there were two Pembroke Corgis in the waiting room when we walked in.

Yesterday, when we went back to have her stitches removed, there were two different Pems in the waiting room! Then, in walked a woman with a cat in a carrier. She made a beeline for Darby and told me she has two Pems at home and lives next door to someone with Cardigans--including a new blue merle puppy--you guessed it! Darby's cousin, River!

Small world, huh?

I think Darby is afraid of BIG dogs. She was friendly with the Pems both days, but yesterday, when a Greyhound mix (who was herself so afraid that she was shaking) walked in, Darby backed between my legs and started barking.

I guess it's hard being a short dog in a tall world!

This photo has nothing to do with the words of this post, but it's cute. I like the tip of her tail showing between her ears. Those ears! I love those ears.

1 comment:

a corgi said...

that is a cute picture of Darby! you captured that effect so well!

how cute with all the Pems you guys have run into. I think they are taking over the world sometimes, one household at a time

Don't know if Darby does this, but sounds like she does; Koda seems to know another corgi when he sees one; he doesn't like many dogs but he seems to tolerate other corgis more than any other breed

cooled down in our area; hope it cooled down a bit where you are