Friday, September 4, 2009

Guess Who is 6 Months Old?


Can you believe those ears??


a corgi said...

so cute!

happy 6-month birthday Darby!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Darb, it's me Buddy!
Did you get any cake? I got a new bone, the baked hard kind that you chew and bury, and dig up when it's gross and bury again and so on...That is if you remember where you buried it. I found one the other day when the closet door was open that I had completely forgotten about.

Happy Birthday!
Luv,Buddy and Becky

P.(person)P.S. Hi! Melissa!
These two do seem to be developing in the same ways don't they. Yes we are working on jumping and still biting when we get excited.
Buddy does everything first time perfectly at puppy school, but will only do it one time. He seems to think he's only there so I can be trained.
Aren't they just wonderful!? I love him so.

Buddy's person