Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Darby and Bonnie in the Pool

Darby and Bonnie got in the pool yesterday.

OK. So, it was only a little kiddie-wading pool!

Neither of them cared for it very much.

But, I'll bet they'll like it a little later this summer when the temperatures out here in East County soar into the 90's and 100's!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Darby!
How's it going? You know what my person keeps trying to put me in what too. I just have one question, Why?
I sure do think your big dog is very cute. Give Bonnie a big slurpy kiss for me.
Brother Buddy

Anonymous said...

P(Person).P.S Darby,
Buddy wants me to apologize for my typing and misspelling. I get in a hurry on my laptop, but in my defense the keys are very close together. I have promised to proofread before I send anything else.
Buddy's person

Boo's Mom said...

Hee hee! I hate it when I read back over a post and see a typo! At least with the posts I can go in an correct it. That can't be done with comments!