Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looks can be deceiving!

Now, can you imagine this sweet little puppy, calmly resting on her bed under my desk

growling at her human, wrinkling up her freckled muzzle and snapping at her human??

Bonnie, the big dog who is visiting us with her human (our daughter,) couldn't believe it either. Bonnie jumped off her human's lap, rushed over and growled at Darby. Of course, Darby stopped immediately and groveled around while Bonnie ignored her.

It seemed to the three of us that Bonnie lost her patience with Darby and said "Don't talk to my grandmother human that way!"

I want to learn to growl like Bonnie does. My attempts don't have the same impact with Darby.

Maybe I need to sharpen my canine teeth!!

(Darby's right ear was down this morning, but back up again this evening!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Melissa. I guess Darby and I have a lot more lessons to learn.