Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, dear Darby!

Today is Darby's first birthday!

Happy birthday to you too,  Sammy and Buddy!*

Here's a photo of the carrot cake cupcake Darby gets tonight after dinner:

Of course, Bonnie will get one, too.  And, so will Glenn and I!  And, so will my friends at work -- I'm taking cupcakes to them today so they can help me celebrate. 

I'll try to get photos.

* Darby had a sister named Holly, but sadly, she died in an accident shortly after leaving Leda for her new home in Oklahoma.  Her humans were so sad over losing their brand-new pup.  I hope they have found a new pup to fill part of the hole left by Holly.  


Play it Again Sam said...

Happy Birthday Darby,

Just to let you know, Holly's humans now have a new puppy. He is a brother to Sandie and Blaze and his name is Bartleby. He lives in Oklahoma but may be moving to Portland, Oregon this fall. Blaze--now known as Luca--will be heading to Denver, Colorado to his new home. So only Sandie will be here. I may get to play with her now that she is older. My human says not to worry, she is planning for more puppies this spring/summer.

Enjoy that cupcake. I wish I had one.

Your brother Sammy

Play it Again Sam said...

Hey, Sammy here again--

I want my cupcake, not fair! They look so good it's making me drool. Can't you email me one--no I guess it would get squished. Maybe my human will make me some.


That corgi :) said...

Happy Birthday Darby!!! That cupcake looks delicious!!! Koda is wondering if you would share some??

I know you have brought great joy to your "mom"!

I bet she will enjoy throwing the ball tonight for you and celebrating your birthday with Bonnie and Glenn :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby! It's me Buddy!
Isn't life great! Although, mine would be better if I had a cupcake! Have a great Birthday!

Brother Buddy

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Darby!!