Friday, March 5, 2010

Darby's Birthday Cake

So stop teasing me and just give me that thing!
First lick:
One of the last licks:
(Have you EVER seen a longer tongue?)


That corgi :) said...

too cute! bet it didn't take her long to devour it and then wonder if there were seconds.

I was on another blog last who has a corgi and she did an entry about how long her corgi's tongue was, they are long for some reason

poor Koda didn't get to sample any of son's cake; while we had it, I just gave him a few of his little dog treats

hope you have a good (rainy) weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby, it's me Buddy!
Wow! Your own cupcake.
Your human sure does love you! You, Sammy and me are sure three lucky dogs.

I had to scrounge for special treats yesterday. The refrigerator was open so I helped myself to half a tuna sandwich very quickly. My stealth is getting better. It wasn't missed until I had already finished.
I was alone for a little while. My job is to watch the house and take care of Jennifer. It isn't enough to keep me busy, so I helped my self to a muffin that got left out by mistake. A puppy has to do what a puppy has to do to keep busy. I was in timeout for a little longer than usual.

Brother Buddy

Amy said...

Ha! That is a very long tongue for such a very short dog!!

Francesca said...

Why not?! I must do the same for our cat in her birthday!