Sunday, June 21, 2009


Whatever possessed me to name this blog Darby's Daily???

Erika's shower was great. Darby observed most of the festivities from her crate. (Very short, fast moving puppies and girls in 3 inch heels are a dangerous mix) She was coo-ed at and "oh, how cute-ed" both in and out of her crate!

Bonnie was the gracious guest she always is--mingling then going to sleep on the floor near where Erika sat opening gifts.

Bonnie and Darby played a little better this afternoon. About the time Bonnie has to go home, they just might like each other.

I'm off to bed--sleeping in Erika's bed with Bonnie while Erika is out partying with her bridesmaids.

Here's a shot from this morning while we were setting up for the shower. Harry on the table (I don't need to hear from anyone how that is un-sanitary) with Darby watching Bonnie watch for Harry to jump down from the table!

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