Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bonnie is ignoring Darby!

I've been reading about how dogs behave around each other. Higher status dogs will often dismiss lower status dogs by turning their heads and tilting their heads slightly upward (or so I have read.)

Like this:

And this:

Puppies will try to get the other dog's attention by chasing it.

Like this:

When she got too close, Bonnie put her in her place with a quick growl!

Wish I could growl like that with Darby nips my heels!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Darby,
My Big Dog took awhile to play with me to. Now that I've trained him, he's plays well. Little cranky about some things but he PLAYS. I LOVE TO PLAY! I even dream about playing. I call to all the children in the neighborhood when they are outside. Sometimes they come to play.

I love parties! Lots of tummy tickles. Congratulations to your human's daughter. How exciting! Do you get to be a flower girl?

Maybe someday we can meet up and play. I bet your good at it too. I think it must be in the genes.

Brother Buddy