Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's the Day!!

If the weather cooperates, about the time this is posted, Darby will be starting her long flight from Arkansas to her new home in California.

I'm wishing safe travels for Darby and for her first human mom, Leda. With the drive to and from the airport Leda will be on the road today about as long as Darby will be in the air!

I put out some things to take with me when I pick up Darby at the airport--a fresh pad for her crate (in case she just can't hold it the whole flight!) a towel to pad the crate further or clean her up if necessary, a leash, a small cup for her to drink from and a poop-bag bag that I made out of a pocket from Glenn's old jeans.

Guess who took an immediate liking to the fleece pad?

I hope he takes a liking to Darby, too.
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