Monday, September 9, 2013

This past weekend

I love September.  The lengthening shadows and shortening days promise that fall and winter,  my favorite seasons, are on the way.  Here in very southern Southern California, late Summer and early Fall are typically the very hottest time of year and this year, so far, is no exception.  But, I still love this month.  It always feels like a new beginning to me.  Here are some views of September so far.

Clouds like this produced a lovely lightening show last night, far enough away that the thunder couldn't be heard.  (Sometimes having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is a good thing!)


A stocking cap knitted completely with leftover yarn.  We'll see how it turns out and whether or not anyone (besides Darby) is willing to wear it!

A lethal weapon.  Back in June, I bought a finial very much like this one in a little antique store in rural Virginia.  It never occurred to me that the TSA in Richmond, VA would consider it a lethal weapon and confiscate it.  I burst into tears when they took it away from me.  Of course, I had the option of going back to the ticket counter and arranging for it to be mailed to me, but even though we had an hour before our flight was to leave, I was too nervous about the long security lines to take the chance of missing our flight.  When I visited Erika last month, we went back to the shop and bought this one and I checked my bag this time.


scotsmad said...

Well, our days are lengthening. We were out at sun up and nearly home when the 6:30 flight to Sydney took off. Days and nights are warmer and plants bursting into bloom. Love Spring and Autumn.

Love your photos. You have to be very careful when you fly...but then, we guess you know that now...too late.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Jackie Bouchard said...

Great photos! I would have cried too when the TSA boys took that thing away. It's really cool. Glad you found another one!

I love Sept. too, but I wish it would be cooler!