Friday, July 26, 2013


I've got exactly nothing to post today -- no new photos, no funny stories, no nothin'.  So, I'm stealing the following poem.   Darby's "Grandfather" in Maine sent it to me the other day.  I love it.  I don't know nothin' about copyright laws.  I have a feeling I'm supposed to get Mr. Shelton's permission before posting the poem here, but since I don't profit -- monetarily, anyway --  from this blog, I'm going to take the chance that he won't ever find out and won't mind if he does.

If I Were a Dog
by Richard Shelton

I would trot down this road sniffing
on one side and then the other
peeing a little here and there
wherever I felt the urge
having a good time what the hell
saving some because it's a long road

but since I'm not a dog
I walk straight down the road
trying to get home before dark

if I were a dog and I had a master
who beat me I would run away
and go hungry and sniff around
until I found a master who loved me
I could tell by his smell and I
would lick his face so he knew

or maybe it would be a woman
I would protect her we could go
everywhere together even down this
dark road and I wouldn't run from side
to side sniffing I would always
be protecting her and I would stop
to pee only once in awhile

sometimes in the afternoon we could
go to the park and she would throw
a stick I would bring it back to her

each time I put the stick at her feet
I would say this is my heart
and she would say I will make it fly
but you must bring it back to me
I would always bring it back to her
and to no other if I were a dog

"If I Were a Dog" by Richard Shelton, from The Last Person to Hear Your Voice. © University of Pittsburgh Press, 2007.

"I would say this is my heart" -- sigh. 


Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

What a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing it!

Taryn said...


Jackie Bouchard said...

Oh, that's the sweetest! I love it!

scotsmad said...

Great poem. We won't tell anyone.

Those corgi tongues get us every time.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy