Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update -- Harry, the door opening cat

Taryn asked where the door in today's previous post goes -- it's a hall closet where Harry loves to hang out.  On more than one occasion we haven't realized he sneaked in when we opened the door to retrieve a coat or umbrella on our way out the door, and he's ended up spending the entire day in the closet!  Sometimes he doesn't even cry to be let out when we get home.  We don't realize he is locked in there until we go looking for him!

The other morning, when I took the photos, the door was almost completely closed but the doorknob hadn't engaged fully.  That's why he was able to slip his paw under the door enough to pull it open.

See him looking at the door knob in one of the photos?  He's deciding if he should try to use the doorknob.  I've seen him jump up over and over with his paws stretched out -- trying to open that door! He makes contact with the knob every time and I know if we had lever-type fixtures -- or he had thumbs -- no room would be safe from him! 

He spends the night in our laundry room (too much running through the house in the middle of the night when he was a kitten) and in the morning, if I don't let him out right away, I can hear him jumping and trying to grab the knob!

Peppino, cats sure are tricky!

Jackie and Daisy, I'm sure Darby and Pumpkin would swear off chasing Harry if he could only open the pantry door for them! 

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scotsmad said...

Well, we must say Harry is very smart for noticing the door hadn't latched. Too bad he can't open the pantry door or fridge...yet.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy