Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday -- oops -- Tuesday Randomness

A day rarely goes by that I don't see Darby lying on her back.  A day rarely goes by that I do see Pumpkin doing it. 
Arrgghh.  The never-ending Corgi hair battle.  And this within a couple of hours of vacuuming!

The hair producers.
We ate the first tomatoes of the season!  A lovely, sweet/tart orange colored cherry tomato from a bush that is loaded with more of this goodness. 

I have an inordinate amount of fun changing out things on the table riser on our kitchen table.

My second successful attempt at homemade sauerkraut.  It was delicious on grilled hot-dogs.  (And we're both alive and with no stomach problems after having eaten it!)

I hope you had a good weekend and will enjoy this short work week!


Taryn said...

Sauerkraut is a natural stomach soother so no worries about problems. It will cancel itself out if you messed up the recipe ;-)

Jackie Bouchard said...

It's a never ending hair battle in GSD-beagle-mix land as well! My floors look the same within hours of vacuuming. Never. Ending. Sigh.

scotsmad said...

Daisy usually sleeps on her back, but Bella rarely. Scotties don't shed hair--the books say, but they haven't looked in the vacuum cleaner.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Little Miss Pudgy Paws said...

I love home made sauerkraut! My mother was the provider of the delicious, yet humble, German food. Are those caraway seeds? I love German 'sandwiches' . They look so healthy because of the dark bread and open face, but when you consider that there was a THICK layer of butter on the bread, which was hiding under the generous amount of salami or meat, and then possibly some cheese.... this prolly makes the slice of tomato or cucumber less impressive. How come nobody was fat or unhealthy? And how come we never figured out that two slices of bread makes a sammich much, much, easier to eat? Rebecca, upright for LMPP