Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Slaughter Penn Farm Photo Shoot

I dropped off the last of my Christmas presents to be shipped to California on Monday.  I paid my arm and my leg, got in the car, and realized I had a good portion of the afternoon left.  So I packed up my new camera, and the pups, and headed out to Slaughter Penn Farm.

We walk here a lot.  There are almost two miles of grassy trail that wind through the fields beyond the farm and the train tracks.  The signs politely ask us to keep the four legged ones on leash, but we're rebels so we often get out to the middle and go off leash.  

There are several abandoned out-buildings on the property that allow visitors to walk.  Nothing is fenced off, and like the on-leash signs, they trust you will use some common sense.  

This makes me laugh because a place like this in California would be fenced, patrolled, and probably wouldn't allow dogs at all.   

Bonnie and Bailey were good sports as usual.  Bonnie gave way to some grumbling as I asked her to lay down and stay for the 100th time.  I am positive she would have preferred exploring on her own.  Bailey appears disinterested and somewhat bored but because he seems to like to appease me he tolerated the most positioning. 

I'm still learning but I really like the way these photos turned out.  

Yet again I had to take an astronomical amount of pictures to find these few that I liked the best. 

I hope you enjoy them too. 


Taryn said...

Lovely shots! It looks like you have a great eye for it!

Paul Rooney said...

The dogs are really pretty. Which breed are they?

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Lois said...


scotsmad said...

They are fantastic photos. The pups are gorgeous.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Boo's Mom said...

Thanks for the comments on Erika's photos. Paul, all four dogs are Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Two live with me -- Boo21smom -- on the west coast and two with Erika -- Boo21 -- on the easy coast. The two in this post are Erika's.

Boo's Mom said...
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